Witech Group is a business development & holding company that aims at providing technological solutions to environmental issues for the benefit of local communities and investors, reconciling business necessities with ecological imperatives. Building bridges between business and environment worlds is Witech Group's very Raison d'être and what defines us as "Eco Solutions Integrators". As such, the Witech Group commits to ethical values across all procurement and supply practices.

As a matter of Company policy, we hereby provide this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. It effectively serves as a guide to acceptable business conduct for all employees. Because they represent the Company and our brand, we expect everyone who works for us to demonstrate exemplary standards of ethics and integrity. Therefore, our Directors and our employees abide by the following principles for which we constantly monitor the way they go about their everyday business.
We cannot succeed as a business without the trust and confidence instilled in our employees, customers and shareholders. We earn it by keeping our promises, acting with honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through proper conduct and through due process well embedded in our ethos.
• Ensure consistent understanding of business ethics across the organisation at all levels
• Continually enhance knowledge of all relevant laws and regulations in the countries in which the organization operates, either directly or indirectly.
• Commit to eradicating unethical business practices including bribery, fraud, corruption and human rights abuses, such as modern slavery and child labor.
• Preserve our Environment and the Animal Kingdom, bring cost efficient and sustainable energy remains our top priorities. We prefer a clean World before money.
• Conduct all business relationships with respect, honesty and integrity, and avoid causing harm to others as a result of business decisions.
• Reject all forms of non-compliance and will not tolerate dishonesty within the waste and environment domain. We will report to our clients, stakeholder and Directors any wrongdoing that we come across in the process of doing business.
• Treat all stakeholders fairly and impartially, without discrimination or favor.
• Actively support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR).
• Avoid any business practices which might bring the procurement process and our profession into disrepute.
• Use procurement strategies to drive unethical practices from the supply chain
• Ensure procurement decisions minimize any negative impact on the environment whilst endeavoring to maximize value and service levels.
• Seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of technical work, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to recognize properly the contributions of others.
• Put in place ethical policies and procedures in place, regularly monitored and updated, and ensure compliance.
• Maintain and improve technical competence and to undertake technological tasks for others only if qualified by training or experience, or after full disclosure of pertinent limitations.
• Educate and mentor our peers in the adoption of the best practices that reflect our environmental and sustainability concerns.