EEP Africa funding for two SA productive use of energy projects

Cape Town based energy technology company Plentify and waste management company Witech will each receive funding to run pilot projects which could determine how they could scale up their work.

EEP Africa's 2020 call on Clean Energy Power Green Growth received 357 applications for projects in 14 countries across Southern and Eastern Africa. These were evaluated based on concept innovation, development impact, business model and financial sustainability. Twenty six projects were identified in the 2020 call for financing.

Productive use of energy through intelligent water heating

Plentify will pilot technology that transforms household water heaters (geysers) into intelligent thermal batteries for smart, clean energy. Electric water heaters waste half the energy they consume and drive up demand at peak times when solar is not an option.

This contributes to South Africa's erratic, polluting and costly electricity supply's unsustainability. Plentify's HotBots are smart devices that turn water heaters on only when needed and at optimal times for the electric grid.

EEP Africa: A financing facility for early-stage clean energy projects in Southern and East Africa. It is hosted and managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) with funding from Austria, Finland and NDF


Tuomaala says they received a number of applications for innovative projects at the energy and water nexus, with several awarded financing in the 2020 call. The portfolio includes OffGridBox which deploys container hubs that provide clean energy and water across Rwanda; The Waste Transformers installing anaerobic digester at a local fishery in Uganda to power water pumps and use wastewater for irrigation; ENdep which will provide solar-powered cold storage for fish traders at Lake Victoria, Tanzania which will include wastewater treatment; and two projects still in the contracting process.

EEP Africa's 2019 call had a gender theme of Advancing Women in Leadership in Clean Energy. That call attracted 285 applications and funded 18 projects. The 2018 call attracted 530 projects and 28 projects were financed. For the 2020 call, EEP's Investment Committee awarded a total of $9,99million (€8,3million) to 26 projects. Further information on the projects is available in EEP Africa's 2020 Market Report.